AttestedVividin at position 261 in the Ravenna Cosmography.

Where:  The ancient “Great Estuary” of Norfolk, formed from the rivers Bure, Yare, and Waveney, and capped by a sandbar, on which now sits Great Yarmouth.  Located by its position in the Cosmography's tour of harbour estuaries.

Name origin:  From Latin vividus ‘lively’.

Notes:  This area was engaged in active transport of supplies to and from the Roman army on the lower Rhine (where many river barges have been found), as is reflected in the Notitia Dignitatum's name Gariannonor for one of the two Roman forts that flanked the mouth of the estuary.  The river Waveney has no established etymology, so perhaps it preserves a memory of Vividin, at least in consonants if not in vowel.  The river Bure might conceivably descend from a Celtic form with initial B descended from PIE *gweiə- ‘to live’, but a link with Burgh Castle seems better.

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