Villa Faustini

AttestedVilla Faustini on iter 5 of the Antonine Itinerary.

Where:  On the Roman road from Norwich to Colchester, a little way south of the known Roman settlement at Scole, by a crossing of the river Waveney.  Itinerary mileages point near the former Swan Inn, on the modern A140 road, near Broom at TM134766.  This is close to the find spot of the Hoxne Hoard at TM17467651, and also to Eye, where a less well documented hoard was found in 1781.

Name origin:  This was presumably a posting station on an estate belonging to someone called Faustinus, which was a common name all over the Roman Empire, probably originally from Italy, because it was derived from Faustus, which was Latin for ‘lucky, of good omen’, related to the word favourable.  One Faustinus associated with Britain was a governor, in the AD 200s.  One silver spoon in the Hoxne Hoard was inscribed FAVSTINEVIVAS ‘Live, O Faustinus’.

Notes:  Thanks to David Ratledge for suggesting a focus on Brome, one of a cluster of modern names (including Broome, Brampton, Brandon, etc) that tend to lie on the outskirts of Roman sites.

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