Attested:  Antonine Itinerary iter 2 Uxacona

Where:  Roman settlement near Redhill, Staffordshire, SJ727109.

Name Origin:  The *Uxa- part is usually said to mean ‘high’, like Welsh uchel ‘high’, from PIE *aug- ‘to increase’, because the settlement is on a hill, but what about the -cona part?  Does it simply mean the tip of a cone, because this is the highest point of Watling Street, albeit with quite gentle slopes?  Could it refer to the conical Wrekin, visible in the distance?  Unlikely.  Or does it simply have a sense of ‘with, beside’?  A possibly better explanation comes from Latin uxor ‘wife’ plus *coneo, the precursor of coeo ‘come together, assemble’.  That would make this site a consort of Viroconium, just 11 miles away along iter 2.

Notes:  Thanks to Mike Taylor for pointing out the man-wife possibility.

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