AttestedUgueste at position 219 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  The Roman fort and fortlet at Cargill, Perthshire, NO166379.  Described in the detailed account of Wooliscroft and Hoffmann (2006:150-6) as sitting “atop a slight rise on the southern side of the Tay-Isla confluence” near “an obvious erosion terrace, just short of the modern river bank” where “supplies could have been brought in by water”.

Name Origin:  This name has caused much puzzlement and may be corrupted.  The site's topography is an excellent match to Latin aggestus ‘an elevation formed like a dike or mound’, given an adverbial -E ending.  Ugrulentum, just 5 km away at Inchtutil, which presumably took away much of Cargill's military importance, might have prompted the initial Ug- spelling.

Notes:  Rejected parallels for this name include the deity Ucuetis, of uncertain meaning, suggested by Rivet & Smith, and Augusta, a title attached to several legions (including Legio II Augusta, which served in Scotland, though probably after Agricola's campaigns) and to many important Roman towns and bases throughout the Empire.

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