Where:  Found somewhere near Hadrian's Wall.

Name origin:  Latin curia ‘assembly, council’ and textus ‘woven’ are obvious.  The -verdorum part (which has no easy explanation in Celtic), naturally links to words meaning ‘to grow green, to sprout’ from Latin vireo, more likely than to PIE *wes- ‘to clothe’ leading to English wear or PIE *wer- ‘to cover’ leading to English weir.  If in the goddess's name was Sattada that might be related to saeta ‘coarse hair’.

Notes:  The Textoverdi sound more like a guild of (?apprentice) weavers than (as usually suggested) a tribal group named after a place.  Collingwood (1926 p68) wrote “The name of this goddess is not wholly legible ... The third and fourth letters are probably, but not certainly, both T” whereas in the figure shown by Stevens (1934 p139) they look more like LI.  That might invite comparison with the Salii college of priests dedicated to Mars, or with salt producers, or with willow branches used by basket weavers.

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