AttestedTamese at position 76 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  Westminster (or Thorney Island as it was in Roman times) where the river Thames first became fordable at TQ302789.

Name origin:  See Tamesis

Notes:  The Cosmography explicitly says when a name applies to a river estuary, so an inland name generally applies to a place, even if its name is taken from its river.  Westminster is suggested here, rather than Southwark, upon the (debatable) assumption that the Cosmography's Landini meant Roman London and Tamese was a separate place by virtue of 3 km up river rather than 500m by bridge across the Thames.  Within what is now Greater London, the other surviving Roman names appear to be Brinavis (Brentford), Sulloniacis (Brockley Hill), Durolitum (Chigwell), and Noviomagus (West Wickham).  For the limited evidence about Roman Westminster, see Thomas (2008).

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