AttestedTagea at position 226 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  Probably the Roman fort at Ardoch, at NN839099, by the river Knaik, near Braco, Perthshire, with several surrounding camps.  Described by Woolliscroft and Hoffmann (2006:90-7).

Name originTagea matches Greek ταγεια, the office of Tagus (Greek ταγος), commander or ruler, a concept developed particularly in Thessaly, northern Greece.  Ταγεω ‘to be ruler’ probably descended from PIE *tag- ‘to set in order’  A similar, and possibly confusable, PIE root *deuk- ‘to lead’ survived in Old English -toga ‘leader’ and in compounds such as Heretoga Ďarmy commanderí, cognate with Herzog.

Notes:  The title Prasutagus of the Iceni and a possible reading *takos on an inscribed stone from northern Italy have been described as “Celtic”, but there is no reason to doubt the Graeco-Latin provenance of Tagea and its likely function as the control centre for the chain of forts and signal stations along the Gask ridge.

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