AttestedStodoion or Stodoyon at position 158 in the Cosmography

WhereBirrens Roman fort at NY21907518 near a tributary of the river Annan, north of the Solway Firth.

Name origin:  Greek στωιδιον, a diminutive of στοα ‘roofed colonnade, storehouse’, presumably referring to the fort's granaries, raised off the ground on short pillars to keep them dry and safe from rodents.

NotesFrere (2001) stated that Antonine Birrens had three granaries and that it made sense to follow Rivet & Smith in joining this name to the next one to make Stodoion Sinetriadum, listed on two lines on the Cosmography's source map, really a single place.  This sounds plausible, but Jackson's suggestion that the Itinerary's Blatobulgium was another name for Birrens is not.

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