AttestedSmetriadum or Sinetriadum at position 159 in the Ravennna Cosmography (a finely balanced choice of readings of the manuscripts).

Where:  One of the Roman forts or camps near the river Annan, listed after Croucingo (almost certainly Burnswark) and Stodoion, but before Clindum (near Lockerbie) and the route across the Scottish borders.  Birrens, with its three granaries, is an attractive candidate.

Name origin:  Initial Smetri ‘smithery’ plus –adum from Latin addo ‘to annex to’ is not very convincing.  It may be better to follow Frere (2001) in likening initial Sine to Greek σινιον ‘sieve’ (possibly from PIE *senə- ‘apart, separated’).  Then -triadum may be like τριαδος ‘triad’.

Notes:  Rivet & Smith suggested that this name actually belonged with the preceding Stodoion to make a two-line, Greek-looking name on a map, which the Cosmographer read as two distinct names.  That is possible, but not 100% convincing.

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