AttestedSmetriadum or Sinetriadum at position 159 in the Ravennna Cosmography (a finely balanced choice of readings of the manuscripts).

Where:  The particularly large Roman camp at Kirkpatrick-Fleming, NY281702, on Kirtle Water, because it is listed after Croucingo (Burnswark) and Stodoion (Birrens), but before Clindum (road junction in Arthuret).

Name origin:  See Smetri about the ‘smooth’ part and here about ρυαδος ‘fluid’.

Notes:  Rivet & Smith suggested that this name actually belonged with the preceding Stodoion to make a two-line, Greek-looking name on a map, which the Cosmographer read as two distinct names.  That is possible, but probably wrong.  See here for a discussion of all Roman names in this area north of the Solway.

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