AttestedSitomago on iter 9 of the Antonine Itinerary;  Sinomago on the Peutinger map

Where:  The Roman fort at Ixworth, Suffolk, TL93136975, as explained by David Ratledge here.  It fits Itinerary mileage figures perfectly.

Name origin:  ‘ Old English síd ‘wide’ combined with Latin magis ‘platter’, related to proto-Celtic *magos- ‘plain, field’ (Matasovic, 2009:253), is very appropriate for Ixworth's situation in the middle of the largest flat area in Britain.

Notes:  This name has long puzzled commentators; see, for example, Steerwood (2003).  Notice also the same second element in Caesaromagus on the edge of this flat areas.

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