AttestedSegloes at position 234 in the Ravenna Cosmography among 8 diversa loca discussed here.

Where:  Possibly near Kincardine, judging by the surrounding names in the Cosmography.  Modern flood risk maps show a potential island on the south bank of the Forth at Dunmore opposite Ferryton, but the whole town of Alloa is essentially an island squeezed between the rivers Devon, Black Devon, and Forth.

Name origin:  Ptolemy's Σελγοουαι (Selgovae) is not a good parallel for SegloesSegelocum is much better.  PIE *seg- ‘to attach, to tack on’ plus *leu- ‘to loosen, cut apart’ would fit a marshy island in the Forth valley.

Notes:  If the Roman army wished to travel (perhaps under Severus in AD 208-210) from the Antonine Wall to their big fort at Inchtutil near Perth they had three options: go by sea around into the Tay; march by land around to the ford over the river Forth at Stirling; or take the shortest route by crossing the Forth by ferry or temporary bridge near Kincardine.  A coin of Severus showing a bridge and one of Caracalla marked TRAIECTUM maybe hint at the third option.  Silting and post-glacial rebound make it hard to infer the local topography 1800 years ago, but it is highly likely that there was a river inlet, similar to the canal that operated from 1781 to 1820, leading from Kennetpans to a port at Kennet, a name reminiscent of Cunetio.

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