AttestedLutudaron at position 88 in the Ravenna Cosmography; LVT, LVTVD, LVTVDARES, etc on lead ingots

Where:  Probably at or near Lumsdale, near Matlock, Derbyshire, around SK3160, which was the epicentre of much later processing of lead ore, using water power from the steep descent of Bentley Brook.  The find-spots of lead ingots suggests two main routes converging towards this place, for specialist processing and onward transport (Bradwell, 2014).  The Cosmography lists Lutudaron between Veratino (probably Warrington) and Derbentione (probably Derby).

Name origin:  From Latin lutum ‘yellow’ plus do (infinitive dare) ‘to deliver’, because lead oxide (litharge, PbO) produced during cupellation (oxidation of freshly smelted lead to leave its content of silver) is bright yellow.

Notes:  No definitely Roman lead mines have yet been identified in Derbyshire (Barnatt, 1999) [our local downloaded copy of a dead link] and the long-sought Roman fort in the Carsington-Wirksworth area around SK271542 has not yet been found.  Bradwell drew attention to the ancient name Lutetia of Paris and the presence of Παρισοι in Yorkshire.

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