AttestedLocatreve at position 166 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  In southern Scotland, between Crawford and Drumlanrig, presumably on the road over the watershed between rivers leading towards the Clyde and towards the Solway, which passes through Durisdeer NS893037, with its Roman small fort and marching camps.

Name Origin:  Richmond & Crawford spelled out a Celtic interpretation as related to loch plus Irish ad-treba ‘inhabits, possesses’, hinting at crannogs, but this area has no suitable lochs.  Therefore, maybe Latin locatio ‘lease’ plus reversio ‘turning back, reversion’ offers a better explanation, because it has been routine practice by governments over the centuries to lease out the risky exploitation of minerals to private enterprise.  This would fit Locatreve being in the Lowther hills, where much lead and silver has been mined (and alluvial gold panned) in recent centuries around Leadhills and Wanlockhead.

Notes  No Roman camp is known in the Leadhills area, but the isotopic composition of a lead ingot found far away at Strageath fort shows that Roman-era mining did take place there.

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