AttestedLeucu magna or Leuco mag~o or Leucu magno at position 45 in the Ravenna Cosmography.  All three manuscripts show a clear space between the two name elements, and the letter N is clear in two of them, so there is no justification for citing this name as Leucomago.

Where:  Most likely at Arundel, West Sussex, where the Roman road (Margary 153) from Chichester (Navimago regentium), reached the estuary of the river Arun, at about TQ012068.  This outranks Hardham Camp, Coldwaltham, at TQ031174, near Pulborough Brooks, a posting station on Stane Street.  Located partly by the Cosmography listing it after Chichester and partly by the name's meaning.

Name origin:  About Leuc-, see here, referring to an open space, plus magnus ‘large’.

Notes:  The river now called Arun formely had a bigger and more navigable estuary when it was Ptolemy's Τρισαντωνος, so called (‘three opposites’) because it arose from the union of 3 rivers (upper Arun, Rother, and Chilt) near Pulborough.

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