AttestedLavobrinta at position 80 in the Ravenna Cosmography

WhereCaer Gai Roman fort, at about SH877314, close to the south-western head of Bala Lake, which is part of the river Dee heading ultimately to the legionary base at Chester.  Three main rivers converge near the Roman camp (Dyfrdwy, Twrch, and Lliw), to surge into the lake, with the Llafar a little way down the lake, which sits in a long geological fault.

Name origin:  See here about Lavo- ‘lips’ in river names.  The -brinta part has possible parallels in more than six river names across Europe (Krahe 1963), notably the Comography's Brinta, now the Brenta, which flows out of the Alps to the Adriatic at Venice.  PIE *bhreuə ‘to brew, to surge’ left descendants in many languages, including English bourne, brew, and phreatic, and Irish bruinnid ‘springs forth’.

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