AttestedLano or Iano or Lirio at position 201 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  The Cosmography lists Lano as the first of two names in Inverclyde just after the western end of the Antonine Wall and before setting off north of the river Clyde.  Which name belongs to which small fort in that area is uncertain, but assigning Lano to Outerwards NS23166660, and the following name Maulion to Lurg Moor NS29507373, gives a neater track across the map, with the fort at Barochan Hill NS41486906 disregarded altogether.

Name Origin:  All the Inverclyde Roman sites have fine views over the Clyde estuary, much like Lano's possible parallel at Giano in Cornwall.  Latin lana ‘wool’ might fit a sheep farm supplying the Roman army.  Words derived from PIE *lendh- ‘open land’ (which developed into Celtic words for ‘enclosure, church’), could fit almost anywhere.

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