Attested:  Antonine Itinerary iter 5 Legeolioiter 8 Lagecio or LaigecioLagentium or Laguentium at position 126 in the Ravenna Cosmography

WhereCastleford Roman fort at SE426258, in Yorkshire, near the junction of the rivers Aire and Calder.  For a superb online explanation of this site see here.

Name Origin:  Graeco-Latin λαγυνος/lagena ‘flagon’ offers one explanation based on early production of glass and pottery.  However, Castleford's distinctive geographical feature is the large number of small lakes or water meadows nearby, locally known as Ings.  They would fit words for ‘lake’ such as Old English lagu, Latin lacus, Greek λακκος, Old Irish loch, etc, all from PIE *laku- ‘body of water’.

Notes:  Time Team did a TV programme on Roman Castleford.

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