Attested:  (1) Ptolemy 2,3,4 Ισκα ποταμου εκβολαι
(2) Ptolemy 2,3,30 Ισκα, one of 5 πολεις of the Δουμνονιοι;   Isca Dumnoniorum on iter 15 of the Antonine Itinerary;
  Scadȗnamor# at position 18 in the Ravenna Cosmography 18;   Scadoniorum on the Peutinger map
(3) Isca at position 243 in the Ravenna Cosmography
(4) Isca on itinera 13 & 14 and Iscae Leg. II Augusta on iter 12 of the Antonine Itinerary
(5) Isca Augusta at position 56 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  (1) mouth of the river Exe; (2) Exeter Roman fort at SX923925; (3) mouth of the river Usk; (4) Caerleon Roman fort at ST337906; (5) possibly also Caerleon.

Name origin:  Discussed in detail here.

Notes:  Site 2 may not be the same as the 2nd Legion base for which Ptolemy supplied a slightly different position.  Site 5 is a problem because it requires an awkward jump across the map from the preceding place in the Cosmography.

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