AttestedGiano at position 1 in the Ravenna Cosmographyd

Where:  Probably the Roman fortlet and signal station at Martinhoe called The Beacon, at SS66304934, on the northern cliffs of Cornwall, with a superb view over the Bristol Channel towards Wales.

Name OriginGiano has long been interpreted as a corruption of *Glano.  This fits Cornish glann ‘bank’ and Welsh glan ‘river-bank’ better than Gaelic gleann and Welsh glyn ‘valley’. Glanum in the south of France perches on the side of a hill, while Camboglanna (Castlesteads), and Glannoventa (Ambleside) are on more modest hillsides. This Roman-era sense of *glan- parallels Nordic klint ‘coastal escarpment’, preserved in modern English as clint, but the word takes an initial G in languages to the east, such as Russian глинт.

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