AttestedEvidensca or Eiudensca at position 189 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  An unlocated Roman fort, naval base, or lookout post has long been suspected near Berwick-on-Tweed.  Possible locations include Yarrow, NT9853, or Springhill, NU000507.  See Bishop (2014: 167-171) about the Roman all-weather road from Newcastle to Edinburgh that runs east of Dere Street, where the Cosmography's list puts this name.

Name Origin:  As Richmond & Ccrawford pointed out, a sequence of small hand-written letters can often be read in more than one way.  If the spelling Evidensca is right, it would suit a coastal site that was Latin evidens, ‘evident’, from a core meaning of ‘looking out’.  On the other hand, Eiudensca makes one think of Bede's mysterious urbs Giudi.  And that final -sca hints that the river Tweed, with multiple Roman sites up-river, should perhaps be added to the list of ten rivers originally called Isca.  If so, Marx (2013) must be overruled so the name Alauna is shifted back to Alnwick on the river Aln.

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