AttestedEburocaslum at position 184 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  a Roman fort on Dere Street at Cappuck (in Roxburghshire at NT69502123, near Jedburgh) or the Roman camps at Pennymuir (near the big Woden Law hill fort), because it is listed between Trimuntium (near Melrose) and Bremenium (High Rochester in Northumberland).

Name origin:  Latin ebur ‘ivory’, hence ‘boar’ as in OE eofor and in Eburacum.  The caslum part is presumably a corruption of castrum or castellum.

Notes:  The 20th legion left part of an inscription at Cappuck, which includes a clear image of a boar, its emblem.  Boars also show clearly on their inscriptions found at Bremenium and Bremetennacum.

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