AttestedEbio at position 176 in the Ravenna Cosmography, where the names appear to be heading up the coast of southwest Scotland towards Glasgow.

Where:  Uncertain, but most likely the Ebbstone (Craig Laggan) at NW958692 off the coast of the North Rinns of Galloway.  Despite being small, this rock is very prominent and marks the end of some dangerous rocks.  It belongs with Ailsa Craig and Sanda in being highly visible islands that would have been vital markers for anyone sailing through the North Channel between Britain and Ireland.

Name origin:  From Greek ειβω ‘to fall in drops’.

Notes:  The eb- that seems to have survived from this Roman name and also from Εβουδαι into English may be related to Ibdone insula, mentioned in the Life of Saint Cainnech (Kenneth) of Aghaboe, and to Irish ibdach ‘barleycorn’.  The Cosmography appears to regard this name as being on land, but presumably that is just because of where the name appeared on a source map.

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