AttestedDurolito on iter 5 of the Antonine Itinerary

WhereLittle London settlement around TQ455960, between Chigwell and Abridge, by the river Roding and not far from the modern M11 heading out of London towards Cambridge.

Name originDuro ‘transport hub’ plus Latin litus ‘river bank’.  The emendation to fit Celtic riton ‘ford’ proposed by Rivet & Smith is unnecessary.

Notes:  One of six duro- places in East Anglia.  The Roman road runs alongside the river bank for nearly 9 km around here between two points where it actually needs to cross the river Roding.  Both would have been simple to bridge, and at the southern one, where the M11 feeds into the North Circular, you can actually cross a modern footbridge near where the Roman one would have been.

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