AttestedDurolevo on iter 2 of the Antonine Itinerary;  Durolevo on the Peutinger map

WhereOspringe, Kent, TQ99516113, where the Roman road crossed the Westbrook, leading to Faversham Creek, whose former extent can be seen on flood-risk maps.  A roadside settlement, not a fort.

Name originDuro ‘crossing’ plus as second element a lavant intermittent river of the type discussed here.  The Westbrook was “until the 1960s a small but powerful spring-fed stream”.  This analysis outranks alternatives based on Latin levo ‘to elevate’ or levo ‘to smoothe’ or laevus ‘left’.  The Faversham Society's mention of “creek ... an ancient landscape protected by embankments” suggests that the parallel to levee should be taken very seriously.

Notes:  See here and here about archaeological work at Syndale, beside Ospringe.

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