AttestedDurobrisin at position 102 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  Scole, on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, where the Antonine Itinerary's itinera 5 and 9, Roman roads 3c and 3d of Margary (1973), and medieval Pye Road, now the A140, crossed the river Waveney at TM146785.

Name originDuro- ‘crossing’.  The –brisin part resembles Old English brice, Irish brised, French briser, all with a sense of ‘breach, break apart’, from PIE *bhreiə- ‘to cut’ (or similar roots), describing how the Waveney (in spate) there makes much of Norfolk into an island.

Notes:  Villa Faustini was nearby.  Rivet & Smith went completely wrong on this name, amending it to Durobrivae.

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