Attested:  (1)  Derventione on iter 1 of the Antonine Itinerary
  (2) Derventione at position 122 and Dorvantium at 250 in the Ravenna Cosmography
  (3) Derventione in the Notitia Dignitatum

Where:  (1) Stamford Bridge Roman fort(?) at SE715555 by the Yorkshire river Derwent.  Not at Malton!
  (2) Papcastle Roman fort and settlement at NY10963149 by the Cumbria river Derwent.
  (3) could be the same as either of the other two; Rivet & Smith favoured Yorkshire, but Cumbria seems more likely.

Name origin:  ‘Deer river valley’, as discussed here.

Notes:  The Cosmography also mentions Derbentione (probably Derby).  Notice how the Cosmography mentions both Derventione as a place and Dorvantium as one of the estuaries that were significant harbours in Roman times.  A previous version needed to devote space to several other probably-wrong etymologies, notably based on *daru-/*deru- ‘(oak)tree’, via Welsh derw ‘oaks’, supported by Bede's two mentions of Deruventionem.

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