AttestedDannoni or Daunoni, one of the diversa loca discussed here, at position 235 in the Ravenna Cosmography.

Where:  Probably Blackness Castle at NT05548025.  The anchorage in its lee (now used by a boat club) was the number-two harbour of mediaeval Scotland and probably served the Romans as a supply base for the eastern end of the Antonine Wall, analogous with Dumbarton at the other end.  That site looks like an ancient long-distance trading place similar to Tintagel, Hengistbury, Cadiz, etc.

Name originDanno- was a common element in ancient personal names, meaning something like ‘local official’ or specifically ‘portreeve’ as discussed in detail here.

Notes:  Richmond & Crawford suggested a scribal error for Δαμνονιοι, but that tribe was probably only a distant linguistic relative.

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