AttestedCoguveusuron at position 264 in the Ravenna Cosmography, among its sequence of harbour estuaries

Where:  In East Anglia, because it is listed after Alauna (probably the complex estuary leading to Ipswich, with Walton Castle by Felixstowe at its mouth) and before Durbis (Dover), so most likely it was the joint estuary of the river Colne to Colchester and the Blackwater to Chelmsford.

Name origin:  A first element like Latin cogo ‘to assemble, to gather together’ (from PIE *kom- ‘near’ plus *ag- ‘to drive’) plus a second element from PIE *wes- ‘to ooze’ or *weis- ‘to flow’, like the river Weser in Germany, would be very appropriate for this joint estuary of two fairly sluggish rivers.

Notes: Five rivers in Britain are called Ouse, for which a derivation from *udso stated by Ekwall (1928:317) is widely repeated, but overstates its Celtic-ness.  There was a pan-European word for ‘water’, whose PIE root is variously stated as *wed-, *au(e)-, etc, and whose descendants include whiskey, water, vodka, inundate, hydra, etc.

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