AttestedClevo on iter 13 of the Antonine Itinerary

Where:  At or near Avening, Gloucestershire, on the edge of the Cotswolds, around ST879979, beside a stream leading ultimately towards the Severn, located by its mileages in the Itinerary.

Name origin:  From PIE *gleubh- ‘to cleave’, whose descendants include clove, because that fits Glevum Gloucester, where several channels of the river Severn merge into one.  This outranks *klei- ‘to incline’, whose descendants include declivity, which might fit the long shallow valley in which Avening sits.

Notes:  Nearby Nailsworth may be a calque translation of Clevo, since it has a confluence and its name includes an element from Old English nægel ‘nail, peg’, which was glossed with Latin clavus.  The area is rich in ancient monuments, such as the Tingle Stone.  Rivet & Smith mistakenly amended this name to Glevum.

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