AttestedCindocellum at position 204 in the Ravenna Cosmography

WhereDrumquhassle Roman fort, at NS48438744, which sits on a ridge between Loch Lomond and the Strathblane Hills with good views in all directions, so as to observe several travel routes, notably that of the modern A811 road.

Name Origin:  Richmond & Crawford likened the first element to *cintus ‘first’, seen in many personal names (Delamarre, 2003: 116), probably from PIE *ken- ‘fresh, new’, whose likely descendants include Welsh cynt ‘earlier’, Breton kent ‘before’, Latin recens ‘newly’, Greek καινος ‘new’, and maybe (part of) begin.  The second element is like Latin ocellus ‘little eye’, which seems to mean ‘lookout’ in place names, and here means that Cindocellum was an early warning outpost of the Antonine Wall.

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