AttestedCelovion at position 178 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  Somewhere in SW Scotland, possibly the set of Roman camps at Girvan, Ayshire, at NX187990.  Conceivably Girvan preserves a memory of the name Celovion.

Name Origin:  Greek κελυφιον ‘little sheath’ presumably referring to Girvan water.

Notes:  This analysis overrules a previous guess that initial Cel- was related to the words conceal or hail and final -ovion was related to the *upa/*oba ‘water’ element discussed here.  South of Irvine the coast of Ayrshire has just three harbours, at Ballantrae, Girvan, and Ayr, which correspond (possibly too conveniently!) with a sequence of three names in the Cosmography's list Coritiotar Celovion Itucodon, which had looked difficult but all make sense in Greek.

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