AttestedConovio on iter 11 of the Antonine Itinerary;  Canubio at positition of the Ravenna Cosmography;  Inscription KANOVIO

WhereCaerhun Roman fort at SH776704, by the lowest ford across the river Conwy.  Well written up on the Internet, for example see here for a video of its situation.

Name origin:  The -ovium part is presumably the ‘water, river’ element seen also in Ptolemy's Τοισοβιος, Τουεροβιος, and Τοβιος river mouths and discussed here.  The start is probably canna, καννα ‘reed’, which survives in English cane and Welsh cawn but originated in words from ancient Mesopotamia.

Notes:  While ‘reedbed’ is a likely interpretation of Canovium, and of Canonium and Galacum, one must also bear in mind what humans did to rivers.  Think of words like canal, qanat, and channel, and note that traces of a Roman jetty have been found at Canovium.

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