AttestedCana at position 292 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  An island off western Scotland, most likely Rum.

Name Origin:  Latin canna came via Greek καννα ‘reed’ from a Semitic word referring to the Papyrus plant, which has a distinctively triangular stem, the same shape as Rum.

Notes:  Previously, Eigg seemed like the best guess, because its famously white Laig beach seemed just the sort of place where Roman sailors might have camped and remembered, to fit Latin cana ‘white’, feminine to agree with insula.  (Latin is often inconsistent in its use of single versus double consonants.)  If this analysis is correct, and the Cosmography's list follows a logical track across the map the modern name Canna must belong to the next island in the Small Isles, now suggested to be Anas.

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