AttestedCambroianna at position 167 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  Probably Drumlanrig Roman fort at NX85439891 in SW Scotland, where the river Nith has a large flood plain.

Name OriginCambo- in place names is now understood to be essentially the same word as Latin campus, often a flood plain, or καμπη ‘winding (of a river)’.  The -roianna part resembles Greek ροια ‘flow’ (best known in compounds such as diarrhoea!), plus the common watery ending -na.

Notes:  This analysis overrules a previous focus on the more immediate riverside plateau of the Roman fort (which glossed over the awkward R in the name).  Richmond and Crawford wondered if this name should be amended to end in -lanna.  Unnecessary, but this has prompted a widespread mistake of amending this name to Camboglanna.  See here for a discussion of all Roman names in this area north of the Solway.

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