AttestedCambroianna at position 167 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  Probably Drumlanrig Roman fort at NX85439891 by the river Nith in SW Scotland.

Name OriginCambo- in place names is generally agreed to mean a curve, often suggested to be as seen from above, but initial cam- here could be a good fit to Scots (i.e. northern English) kame or kaim ‘ridge, hillock’ (also like the word camber) referring to this fort's position on a raised plateau between the river Nith and an inflowing stream.  The ending –-broianna resembles a plural of PIE *bhru- ‘brow’, perhaps referring to the two waters' edges.

Notes:  Richmond and Crawford wondered if this name should be amended to end in -lanna.  Unnecessary, but this has prompted a widespread mistake of amending this name to Camboglanna.

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