AttestedCaluvio seems like the best spelling to take from the Ravenna Cosmography's 3 manuscripts, whose relevant parts are shown under galluvio, where two juxtaposed handwritten lower-case letters look fractionally more likely to be uu (= uv in modern handwriting) than to be un.

Where:  Probably the mouth of one of the rivers flowing into Morecambe Bay.  Best guess = the extensive saltmarsh between Carnforth and Warton Crag hill-fort, at the mouth of the river Keer.

Name OriginCal- has many potential origins, including PIE *kal- ‘hard’, *kal- ‘beautiful’, *kal- ‘cup’, and *gal- ‘to call’, but best guess = *kel- ‘hill’, referring to Warton Crag.  The ending -uvio looks like one more instance of the *uba/*oba ‘water, river’ element discussed here.

Notes:  The Keer is a very bendy river, so its name may derive from PIE *(s)ker- ‘to bend, to turn’, as discussed for Corinium/Cirencester.  Caluvio might survive in the names Over Kellet and Nether Kellet.

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