AttestedVertevia at position 14 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  Possibly at Tavistock, Devon, around SX4874.

Name originVer- could have many meanings, with PIE *per- ‘to pass over’ (the origin of English fare) possibly the best candidate here.  The -tevia part might then refer to the river Tavy; see under Tava for a possible origin of that name.  (This explanation outranks PIE *wer- ‘to look’, as in wary, plus *teuɘ- ‘to pay attention to’, implying a fort to watch over Dartmoor.)

Notes:  No Roman site is yet known at or near Tavistock!  Still, one has to wonder how a ver- river crossing differed from one with a name based on duro- or –briva.

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