AttestedPurocoronavis at position 6 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  Probably at a crossing of the river Neet and/or its tributary the Strat, somewhere near Helebridge, Cornwall, SS214036, near Bude.  The modern A39 road there looks very Roman, since it links the known Roman signal stations on cliffs near Morwenstow and St Gennys, is fairly straight, and passes through Stratton, where there was a serious battle in 1643.  The only plausible alternative location, crossing the Tamar, is assigned to Tamaris (Polson Bridge).

Name Origin:  Initial Puro must come from *duro ‘transport hub’, with the D/P misreading seen elsewhere in the Cosmography.  The ending is *navis ‘river’.  In the middle, coro resembles the river name Carey, a major tributary of the Tamar.  For the reasons why that element probably meant ‘bendy, meandering’ see under Durocornovium.

Notes:  See here for a map of the Neet and Strat catchment, and also about the Cornovii tribes.

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