AttestedMinerve at position 278 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  One of the ‘islands set variously in the western ocean’.  Its position in the Cosmography's list would fit Sanda, around NR7304, off the southern tip of Kintyre, which possesses a good natural harbour much used by Viking ships.

Name originMinerve obviously resembles the goddess Minerva.

NotesPlutarch (paragraphs 1 & 18) described how: “Demetrius the grammarian journeying homeward from Britain to Tarsus ... said that among the islands lying near Britain were many isolated, having few or no inhabitants, some of which bore the names of divinities or heroes.  He himself, by the emperor's order, had made a voyage for inquiry and observation to the nearest of these islands which had only a few inhabitants, holy men who were all held inviolate by the Britons”.  Sanda is noted for its holy well and chapel attributed to Saint Ninian, who pre-dated the Cosmographer.

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