Attested:  AI iter 10 Galava

Where:  Uncertain.  Possibly at or near Mardale, a lost village now submerged under the waters of Haweswater Reservoir in the Lake District, at about NY469110.

Name Origin:  R&C likened the initial Gal- to Irish gal ‘valour’ or Welsh gallu ‘to be able’ (of debatable etymology, rather like English gallant), appropriate to a lively or strong river (or conceivably to people living there).  Ekwall (1928:161) invoked a root meaning ‘violent, rapid’ for modern rivers with names like Calder possibly (and for Excalibur).  Alternatively Gal- might come from the same calamus ‘reed’ as suggested for Caluvio, but the best parallel is probably PIE *gal- ‘to call’, as discussed for Galacum.  The ending –ava might be from PIE *ab- ‘water, river’ or it might refer to a *lavo ‘intermittent stream’.  Modern river flows into Haweswater are variable.

Notes:  The end of iter 10 is a big puzzle, discussed here.  This suggested location is a deliberately speculative provocation, offered in the hope that readers who walk in the Lake District will check it out and maybe come up with something better.  Beware of confusion with the very similar names Galacum/Galluvio and Caluvio.

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Last Edited: 22 September 2016