Attested:  AI iter 10 Galava

Where:  Nowhere.  Almost certainly a manuscript error.  If this was a real place AI's mileage figures would place it somewhere in the Lake District, such as near Mardale, a lost village now submerged under the waters of Haweswater Reservoir in the Lake District, at about NY469110.  However, that would imply a Roman route where none is known to exist and with a lot of hill-climbing, which are altogether implausible.

Name Origin:  Evidently a copyist got confused by the pile-up of similar names in the Lancashire/Cumbria area (discussed here: Galacum, at Burrow-in-Lonsdale, Caluvio, probably at Lancaster, and Galluvio which might also be a mistake.

Notes:  The key argument against this being a real place is that the distance of 18 Roman miles between Clanoventa (Ambleside) and Galava given by AI is correct for Ambleside to Alone (Low Borrowbridge).

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Last Edited: 16 September 2017