AttestedDuriarno at position 12 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  Probably the Roman fort at Nanstallon, SX03436700, near Bodmin, commanding the portage across Cornwall from the river Camel to the river Fowey.

Name originDuro ‘transport hub’ plus a river name *arno, common across Europe and probably related to Sanskrit arna ‘river’.

Notes:  The Antonine Itinerary's Ernodurum (modern Saint-Ambroix on the river Arnon in France) is essentially the same name.  Other similarly named rivers include the Arno in Italy, Arnon in Jordan, and Erne in Ireland.  The name change to Camel may have originated with the pseudo-historian Geoffrey of Monmouth.  Boscarne is opposite Nanstallon.

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