Attested:  AI iter 10 Clanoventa;  ND  Glannibanta

Where:  The obvious guess is that this site is the same as RC's Cantaventi, at the head of Windermere, but there is no easy way to fit the mileages stated by AI to that location, which would also somewhat backtrack from the general direction of iter 10.  See the full discussion here.  It makes better sense to suggest the topographically very similar location of Keswick, at the head of Derwent Water, where at NY288231 just south of Castlerigg stone circle a Roman marching camp has recently been discovered.

Name Origin:  The first part of this name meant probably something like ‘cliff edge’ or ‘river bank’, as discussed under Giano, while for the name ending see under Venta ‘home place’.

Notes:  Keswick is the likely destination of two known Roman roads, numbers 741 and 753 of Margary (1973) and this suggestion adds a third possible road, heading southeast towards Low Borrowbridge..

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Last Edited: 18 September 2016